Safety at Sea gets real for Southern Straits


Owners and crews were caught out earlier this year when pretty much all the local overnight races suddenly required a minimum of two crew members to have current Safety at Sea certificates.  The excellent Safety at Sea courses provided by BC Sailing and US Sailing have been recommended for the last few years for these races.  Most who have taken the course enjoyed them and we haven’t heard a bad review yet.

However,  in the context of a requirement for participation, a number of competitors were left questioning how much of these $320 dollar offshore-oriented courses was really applicable to the inshore races we do in the Strait of Georgia or Puget Sound.  Life raft entry and egress is all well and good, but we don’t carry rafts in most of our races!

Enter West Vancouver Yacht Club, stepping up with a quick solution.  Special half-day SAS courses will be available in March, in time for Southern Straits and focusing on what really matters to most of us.  The half day seminar topics include a review of required safety equipment, preparing heavy weather sails, obtaining and interpreting local weather forecasts, hypothermia and cold water immersion, man overboard, emergency signals and communications.  Seminar cost is a way-reasonable $95.

Everyone involved should be commended for the speed that this was put together, and even more so for the simple act of listening to the participants; all too rare in sport in general and sailing in particular!

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Full-blown SAS from BC Sailing:

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SAS on Bainbridge Island, WA:


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